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positive dog club

canine nutrition| behaviour | consultation

welcome to pdc

certified canine nutritionist & dog trainer based in Sydney

can you imagine a life without dogs? no, neither can I.

this is why it should be our life's mission to ensure they're always happy, healthy and grow to be the very best version of themselves. 

how do we do that? well firstly by accepting that every dog is un
ique and far from perfect (like ourselves!) but also by realising that, like us, they deserve unconditional love and respect. then it's being open-minded to the fact that training starts from day one and never ends - it's for life.

dogs evolve and adapt as they get older, and so as responsible guardians we need to be prepared to accommodate these often challenging but incredible changes. I will establish an achievable and fun training plan, using positive and reward-based techniques only, encouraging you to be a genuin
e loving guardian, allowing your beloved doggo to thrive! 

they deserve it.


helping you become the best loving guardian

as guardians, it's our responsibility to ensure our dog's needs are met every single day. 

by encouraging your pup to be calm, happy and confident, not only will they be able to learn more easily, but also help forge a healthier, two-way relationship over time.


"If I could rate this service 10 stars, I would not hesitate! From the moment I reached out to Matt he has been the most sincere, caring, professional and caring trainer/behaviourist I have come across. I have worked with previous trainers and just never felt like I was comfortable, nor getting any positive results from their training methods. Since consulting with Matt, he has provided my dog and myself with so much back up support, that I feel so blessed my dog Sailor is in his expert care. Since applying all of Matt’s recommendations, my relationship has completely changed with my dog."

Kellie, Sailor's Mum

come join the club

training your pup is never too early and certainly never too late.


behavioural issues can arise at any time, often unexpectedly and without clear reasons, so I will focus on the root cause to help guide you and your doggo to the best outcome. it will take time and dedication, but we will achieve success together. 

let's start the journey today in accomplishing an incredible bond between you and your pup!

"Matt is an exceptional dog trainer who combines expertise with a genuine love for animals. His positive reinforcement techniques create a harmonious learning environment, fostering strong bonds between dogs and their owners."

Jade, Furi's Mum

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